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Protein Breakfast with SmoothieBox

My mornings usually go a little something like this: wake up, do a quick workout, run around like crazy to get ready for the day, rush to make breakfast, and scramble out the door. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does!

How To Eat For Flat Abs

Losing belly fat is by far one of the biggest obstacles that you’ll run into during a weight loss program. A common misconception is that in order to get a flat belly, you must perform hours of abdominal exercises each

11 Make-Ahead Dessert Recipes

Aside from breakfast, I’d have to say that dessert is the most important meal. It’s the one meal that I look forward to all day. I actually base how big my dinner is on how much dessert I want, and

This Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipe Will Make Your Morning

I never leave the grocery store without sweet potatoes in my cart. They’re full of vitamins C and A, and they have anti-inflammatory benefits and disease-fighting antioxidants. It’s not all about the health benefits, either: I can’t make delicious meals

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